Harmonium consistently seeks opportunities to serve the community, particularly in ways that promote tolerance and multicultural understanding. We recognize the difference music has made in our lives and want to share that experience with the community.

We welcome community members to join us for musicianship workshops in the fall and spring. More information about upcoming events can be found here.


The Harmonium Outreach Chorus and the Broadway Cabaret Troupe are available to perform in corporate offices, museums, schools, retirement homes, and other venues, with a program designed to meet your specific needs. 




Since 2009, Harmonium has provided a music education component to the after-school program at the Morristown Neighborhood House.  In doing so, we reach a traditionally underserved group of approximately 165 students in grades K-5. Our goal is to introduce the children to a variety of musical performances to help them develop both a curiosity and a love for music.